Oriolus I.G.T. Toscana Bianco



The presence in our vineyards of green grape varietals, part of the historical Chianti blend, coupled with the desire to get to know them better, stimulated our curiosity to taste what kind of wine those vines could produce if their grapes were made into a separate wine. Oriolus is the result of that experiment.


Denomination: IGT Toscana Bianco
Grape varietals: Trebbiano, Malvasia Toscana, Chardonnay
Altitude: 400 m
Exposure: South East
Soil: For the most part Alberese and Galestro
Training system: Spur Cordon
Vineyard density: 3.000 vines per hectare
Vinification and aging: After destemming and crushing the grapes, the must was transferred into stainless steel vats where alcoholic fermentation took place at a controlled temperature of 16/ 18°C. The wine was stored in stainless steel for a few months until bottling.
Color: Paper white with golden highlights
Nose: An intense bouquet, with hints of peach and pear
Taste: Fresh and tasty, mineral with good acidity
Notes:this wine is meant to be drunk young in order to appreciate its freshness and its bouquet
Serving suggestions: A good aperitif wine and a traditional accompaniment to fish
Serving temperature: 12C°
Conservation: store at a constant temperature of circa 17C° away from light
Formats: 750 ml


ap legend:It is the latin name of the bird you see on the label.


egend: Nicolò was busy in a Sunday walk through the fields. Under a fig tree there were two beautiful orioles (Oriolus in Latin), yellow green and black, savoring the fallen fruit.
He loved the beauty of those birds and it seemed like a sign to find in a bookstall, the following day, a nineteenth century print representing those animals.