Nicolò Governo all’uso Toscano IGT Toscana Rosso


Thank you Nicolo’ Casini, mind and heart of Bindi Sergardi.

Grape varietal: Sangiovese 100%

Soil: terrain with ample skeleton – rock of the Montagnola hills.

Vinification and aging: a selection of high quality grapes are laid out to dry. Meanwhile other sangiovese grapes undergo fermentation and maceration lasts for approximately 14 days. During this phase, the wine completed alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 25° C to fully bring out varietal character and conserve fruity and flora notes. When the first selected grapes become raisins, they are added in the vat of sangiovese grapes and a new fermentation begins. This process is called “Governo”, an old Tuscan tradition. After racking the wine completed malolactic fermentation and it was aged at the I Colli estate prior to bottling.

Tasting notes: intense ruby-red in color. An elegant bouquet with intense dried fruit aromas and floral hints. The “Governo” grants the wine a round palate, a full taste. Well-structured, soft and harmonious, a great return to a wonderful tradition.

Serving suggestions: an excellent accompaniment white and red meat, cheese and typical Mediterranean first courses.

Serving temperature: 18° C – Store at a constant temperature of 17° C away from light.



“Nicolò” is a wine obtained through a Tuscan technique called “Governo”, part of the Bindi Sergardi heritage. For 700 years and through 23 generations the Bindi Sergardi family has been producing wine while respecting tradition. “Nicolò” fully interprets the essence of Bindi Sergardi. Authenticity because expression of a single terroir. Integrity because made through an ancient method of vinification. Audacity because a modern interpretation of an extremely traditional method of making wine.