La Boncia Chianti DOCG

The farm house La Boncia produced quality wine under the Etruscans, produces it today and will still produce it tomorrow.



Denomination: Chianti DOCG

Grape varietal: Sangiovese 100%

Soil: Terrain with ample skeleton – rock of the Montagnola hills. Clay 40%, silt and sand 30%

Vinification and aging: After destemming, the grapes underwent maceration for approximately 10 days in stainless steel tanks. During this phase, the wine completed alcoholic fermentation at a temperature not exceeding 25° Celsius to fully bring out varietal character and conserve fruity and flora notes. The wine was then racked, and subsequently finished malolactic fermentation by the end of winter. The wine was aged in steel, which
allowed it to be bottled in spring

Tasting notes: Ruby red in color the wine has a full and intense fragrance with hints of
grapefruit and red fruits which bring to mind cherries and raspberries. On the palate, the wine is smooth and well-balanced. The finish is characterized by gentle tannins and the persistent flavor of the grapes which make it so delicious and easy to drink. It is meant to be drunk young in order to appreciate its freshness and its bouquet.

Serving suggestions: An excellent accompaniment for pasta, both white and red meat, and

Serving temperature: 18° C – Store at a constant temperature of circa 17° C away from


ap legend:

In the 1800s, around the La Boncia farm house, family ancestors found important Etruscan artefacts, today displayed in the most prestigious museums of the world. On La Boncia land, the Etruscans (VI century B.C.) were already producing great wine, which they exported all over the known world. Today we dedicate our Chianti to this land, wonderful mother that produced great wines back then, produces them today and will produce them forever.