La Ghirlanda Chianti Classico DOCG


La Ghirlanda (the Garland) is a crown, an ornament, a celebration, a glorification, an embrace. La Ghirlanda is a special place for us: a wood, on our Mocenni estate, that surrounds and renders unique the vineyards that bring forth the wine bearing this name. An elegant, intense Chianti Classico, an explosion of aromas and of notes that are already set free as you pour the wine into a glass. A wine that knows how to crown the palate, adorn the sense of smell, celebrate a sensorial experience, glorify the choice of a pairing, embrace the unforgettable moment of the first taste, then wish to repeat it again and again and again, in a circularity without end.


Denomination: Chianti Classico DOCG

Grape varietals: 100% Sangiovese

Soil: Alberese and Galestro stones, sand 33%, clay 33%, silt 33%

Vinification and aging: fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats where maceration lasts
16/18 days at a controlled temperature of 28/30° C. Shortly after malolactic fermentation the
wine is transferred into oak barrels where it is aged for 10/12 months. The bottled wine then
remains stored in the cellar for refinement prior to its release.

Tasting notes: Intense ruby red in color. An ample and complex bouquet, with distinct notes
of flowers, fresh fruit and spices. The palate is vigorous and vibrant, a lovely acidic vein fused
with a loto of flavor make it an ample and balanced wine. Elegant and soft tannins. The finish and
aftertaste are persistent and lingering. A true and authentic expression of Sangiovese

Serving suggestions: Traditional accompaniments are red meat (both roasts and salted), game
and mature cheeses. Modern cuisine pairs this wine successfully with typical Mediterranean first

Serving temperature: 18C° – open 1 hour ahead of time. Store at a constant temperature of
circa 17C° away from light.