Calidonia Chianti Classico Riserva D.O.C.G.


Arising from the selection of the best grapes grown on ideal lands, this wine is elegant and complex and, after following Galileo’s motto to try and try again, “..provando e riprovando..” we provide you with the exceptional result.


Denomination: Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG
Grape varietals: Sangiovese 97% and 3% Merlot
Vineyards: The Vigneto della Signora Chiara, located on the Mocenni estate, near Vagliagli,
in the townsip of Castelnuovo Berardenga, one of the most fortunate positions in Tuscany. The
terrain is rich in Galestro and Alberese stones, ideal for grapevines. South exposure. Altitude 450
meters / 1500 feet
Soil: Alberese and Galestro stones, sand 33%, clay 33%, silt 33%
Vinification and aging: Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats where maceration lasts
16 – 18 days at a controlled temperature of 28/30°C. Shortly after malolactic fermentation the
wine is transferred into 42 HL barrels where it is aged for approximately 18 months. The estate
bottled wine then remains a further 12 months stored in the cellar for refinement.
Tasting notes: Intense ruby red color. Soft, elegant and well-structured. The nose shows fruity
and floral notes together with spices and incense. Freshness, complexity, graceful and silky
tannins. This wine is vibrant and has a long and persistent aftertaste. It is an excellent expression
of its terroir and of Chianti Classico Riserva; improves with aging.
Serving suggestions: Traditional accompaniments are red meat (both roasts and salted), game,
and mature cheeses. Modern cuisine pairs this wine successfully with typical Mediterranean first
Serving temperature: 18C° – open 1 hour ahead of time. Store at a constant temperature of circa
17C° away from light.


ap Legend: This wine is called Riserva because the property rights almost divine in the past, let the owner “reserve” his most precious belongings for himself only.


egend: Mankind has understood that blood ties are a fallible yet very fruitful system to guarantee peace among families, cities and states. Thus two important Sienese families, the Bindi and the Sergardi, proceeded to intermarry: Gerolamo Bindi married Calidonia Sergardi while Ottavio Sergardi married Gerolamo’s sister, Meridiana Bindi. This happened around the mid 1500’s when artificial insemination of course did not exist. Gerolamo and Calidonia had no children while Ottavio and Meridiana’s offspring could unite the social prestige of both families. Gerolamo died before Ottavio and named him his heir, under the condition that he use the last name and the crest of the Bindi family, while permitting him to continue to use his own. The name Bindi Sergardi is thus formed. We still carry that name proudly and remain grateful to Calidonia, to whom we are happy to dedicate our Riserva. A wine in gestation for almost five hundred years.