Pietro Bonci Casuccini Extravirgin Olive Oil





The olive is one of the most beautiful mediterranean trees. Its branches are a symbol of peace and its fruits provide olive oil, the product that makes italian cuisine so delicious and healthy.


Olive varieties: Frantoio or Correggiolo, Moraiolo, Leccino

Training system: Vase-shaped

Altitude: 350-500 mt

Harvest and production methods: Hand-picked into shallow baskets between the end of October and the beginning of December. The oil, unfiltered, is stored in stainless steel vats where the solid matter in suspension undergoes a natural sedimentation.

Colour: Green with yellow highlights

Sensory profile: Elegant and pleasantly balanced bouquet, very fruity with light complementary hints of vegetable. A sweet oil characterized by a very light piquant thrust. It is gentle and light on the palate.

Uses: On both raw and cooked vegetables, as a dip for crudités and tasty bread squares, on legumes, on any kind of salad (green, mixed, pasta, rice, traditional Tuscan bread “panzanella”, etc), on boiled or broiled meat or fish, on braised game. It helps bring alive most dishes. Try using it in home-made mayonnaise!